Unreal Investments: sale of Carrefour Expres Diegem

Best NV: letting of 1.000 m² retail to Zwembad.eu Kuurne

Maluver NV: letting of warehouses Oostakker

WVK Invest: letting of 180 m² retail to Pro Duo Lochristi

Groene Vallei Retail NV: Acvquisition of Industrial Site Lokeren of 22.000 m²

Motorsport Verburgh: letting of 600 m² to Kleur Company Zelzate

De Croock NV: letting of 2.400 m² retail to FUN Lochristi

De Croock NV: letting of 1.100 m² retail to Epple Jeck Lochristi

Funland: letting of 2.900 m² leisure Mechelen

Montea Nederland NV: sale and rent back of 48 hectares Tiel (NL)

B Post: letting of warehouse 3.600 m² Oostende

FP Consulting: letting of a commercial space Lokeren

Vsf bvba: letting of a commercial building Lochristi

Fortivest; sale of an office building in Nieuwegein (NL)

Ballorig REM: Acquisition of Funland

NV RDS en Zonen: letting of commercial/residential building Oostakker

Vanofisc: Sale of an office apartment Gent

Fortivest: Acquisition of an office building 3.800 m² in Nieuwegein

90Karaat bvba: sale of various loft apartments Wetteren

Maluver NV: Letting 500 m² warehouse in Oostakker

Retail Estates Nederland BV: acquisition of PDV GDV portfolio 90.000 m² (NL)

Europal Logistics NV: letting of 1.200 m² logistic space to De Puydt Oostende

Bouquet Vastgoed bvba: sale of loft-apartment Wetteren

VSF bvba: letting of 140 m² to Kast-ID Lochristi

WVK Invest: letting of 180 m² to Dream baby tweedehands and 220 m² to Co Op Apotheek Lochristi

New Media Management: letting of 180m² to Hoog Latem, Sint Martens Latem

Private Investor: acquisition of 4.620 m² Karwei DIY in Hulst (NL)

WVK Invest: letting of 240 m² to Easy Fit Lochristi

Fortivest: acquisition of building project of 5.500 m² Gamma DIY Bergen op Zoom  (NL)

Build 4U bvba: letting of 850 m² to Matrassenkoning Sint Truiden

Redasson NV: letting of 1.400 m² showroom to Occasion dealer Lokeren

Private Investor: acquisition of 1.835 m² Retail Boeren Bond Hulst (NL)

Stayen NV: letting of 380 m² to Lisaceline Sint Truiden

WVK Invest : letting of 180 m² to Pabo Lochristi

Stayen NV: letting of 1.000 m² to Action Sint Truiden

Private owner: Letting of 750 m² retail space Lochristi

DC Invent /Triximmo NV: sale of 300 m² commercial building in Ukkel BXL

Redasson NV: letting of 1.400 m² retail space in Lokeren

Meire Consulting NV: acquisition of 9.900 m² retail site, letting of 1.600 m² to Albert Heijn and 1.400 m² to Leen Bakker Zottegem

Business Creation Investments NV: consultancy concerning former Ford Genk factory redevelopment

Bouquet Vastgoed bvba: Sale of investment property 9.000 m² site  Oostakker

Retail Estates NV: acquisition of 2.300 m² retail space Boomsesteenweg Wilrijk

NV Imexpan: letting of 3000 m² office space to Idola Lochristi

DI Groep NV: letting of Twelve Building Kortrijk to KPMG and K Law 1300 m²

Bouquet Vastgoed BV: sale industrial site of 3.000 m² to Ten Berg industries Oostakker

New Media Management: letting of 240 m² office space Lochristi

Electro Computer Nv: Sale of 800 m² retail building Lochristi

Retail Estates NV: sale of an appartment in Lochristi

Redasson: Letting of 240 m² shop in Retail Park Bowling Paleis Lochristi

Biggelaar Shopping BV: consultancy concerning revitalization of the Biggelaar Shopping Center in Roosendaal (NL) 4.000 m²

Stayen NV: Letting of 500 m² busines center facilities in the west wing of Stayen

Cinico BVBA: Letting of 610 m² commercial space Lochristi

Diegem Estate Office BVBA: Sale of Wings office building 3.500 m² Diegem

Mega M NV: Sale of Rue Namur Brussels

Grifo Beheer NV: Letting of 600 m² in Deurne

Wolf Brussel NV: Letting of commercial space in Brussels center to Interbuilt

AB CPFM Real Estate V NV: letting of commercial space in Zaventem

Retail Estates NV:  Letting of 600 m² to brynzeel and 400 m² to Damart

Ensis NV: Letting of 550 m² commercial in Antwerp;

DC Invent CVA: Letting of 325 m² commercial in Eeklo, East Flanders;

Private investor: Letting of 3 residential appartments and one commercial unit in Mere, East Flanders;

Dumbo NV: Letting of 2.000 m² commercial in Zottegem, East Flanders;

Private investors: Sale of one floor and letting of 2 floors (650 m²) in Art Deco building in Deurne,  Antwerp;

Diegem Estare Office bvba: Letting of  965 m² office space in Wings office building Diegem;

Danteson NV: Letting of 750 m² commercial, Antwerp A-12 shopping;

Tenxar GmbH: Acquisition of 100% shares in Aura AG Dietlikon (CH) mixed use project 4.000 m²;

Snel Beheer NV: Sale of 15.000 m² logistics building, East Flanders;

Tenxar GmbH: Sale of an office building in Zurich 4.500 m².

NV Deseranno: Letting of 450 m² commercial, Ghent;

City Projects NV: Consultancy forward funding residential real estate project Brussels;

DC Invent: Letting of 325 m² commercial, East Flanders;

MD International NV: Sale of residential investment property (5 units) Brussels.

Palletcentrale Groep Eeklo: Valuation industrial premises 31.000 m²;

City Projects Gent 1 NV: Sale of residential project 100 apartments and 40 serviced apartments Ghent;

Immodeg NV: Sale of 42 apartments and commercial units Brussels;

Snel Beheer NV: Valuation 30.000 m² logistics premises;

XL Immobilier NV: Acquisition 38 apartments and 2.000 m² commercial Brussels.

Parking le Page:  Sale of 554 parking spaces garage in Brussels;

The Ibus Company: Sale of an 4.500 m² office building in Zurich;

Leen Bakker Belgie NV: Consultancy Assignment: strategic advice concerning their 50 shops in Belgium;

AB CPFM Real Estate V NV: Acquisition of Elips office building Ikaros Business Park 2.700 m² Brussels;

Mega M Sprl: Acquisition 26 apartments and 6 shops Brussels.

CCP/VKA: Acquisition office building 3.400 m² Brussels/Vilvoorde;

Hanzevast BV/MPC: Exclusive investment agent for Hanzevast /MPC for property acquisitions Belgium;

Akron Management West/East: Investment advice for office acquisitions Brussels/Warsaw.

The Ibus Company: Placement of private equity stakes for first German residential fund;

Denzel AG: Feasibility study for a 60.000 m² mixed use project in Vienna;

Cherokee International Services Ltd: Investment advice on a redevelopment scheme (13 hectares) from OMV Vienna;

Wien Energie: Feasibility Study on the redevelopment potential of former gas factory Vienna (30 hectares);

Siemens Austria: Sale (sale and lease back) of their HQ in Vienna 80.000 m² offices.

Philips Austria: Letting and divestment of Tech Park Vienna 62.000 m² Industrial;

LG Philips Austria: Sale of Tech Center Lebring 35.000 m² industrial.

ARCC Italy Srl: Sale and lease back transaction former Sony factory Verona;

Philips Austria: Marketing and letting of Tech Park Vienna complete re-branding and positioning of former CE factory;

Business Creation Real Estate UK properties: acquisition of 4 production facilities of Ericsson 33.000 m² in the UK;

Valuation and consultancy projects:

  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals: Manchester Clayton;
  • LG Philips Iberia: Barcelona;
  • Siemens VDO: Nancy;
  • Mitsubishi: Rennes (Fr) ;
  • LG Philips Austria: Lebring;
  • Philips CC: Le Mans ;
  • Pioneer Belgium;
  • Sphinxs Belgium;
  • Compass Group NL
  • Sony France : Bayonne.

Nokia: Property search and letting coordination offices 10.000 m², The Hague;

Abbey Business Centres: Letting 2.600 m², Amsterdam;

Mexx: Sale-and-lease-back construction combined with the development of a new distribution center, Voorschoten;

Inter Ikea property divestments:

Oversingel AVV, 2 office buildings Amsterdam;

James Wattstraat office building Amsterdam;

Leeuwendalersweg office/retail building, Amsterdam;

Twenthe Centrum, industrial heritage  property Almelo;

Europoint Towers: Letting 62.000 m² offices, Rotterdam;

Philips: Divestment of the former Philips Head Office in Eindhoven.